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Kate Porter, Yoga Director of Kate Porter YogaKate was born and raised in South Africa before moving to the United Kingdom for eight years. Whilst in the UK she worked in syndicated finance in the City of London. In 2000 Kate became ill and was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She was virtually bed-ridden for the better part of four years and was unable to continue working in the finance industry.

After moving to the East Coast of Singapore in 2005, Kate turned to yoga. Yoga was instrumental in helping Kate regain and maintain her health. Having begun yoga with significant physical restrictions, Kate has a great empathy for those new to yoga or who have physical constraints.

Yoga has undoubtedly significantly improved Kate’s quality of life. Having found both refuge and liberation in yoga, she delights in sharing the joy and serenity that yoga imparts. Well, that and a good sweaty workout for the whole body!

It can be so intimidating going to those trendy studios – Kate offers yoga for normal people and at her studio the students come in all different shapes, sizes and states of health. The ages of her students range from teenagers to those in their sixties, healthy through to struggling but all share the great joy that yoga brings.

Her teaching style is a fusion of traditional Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Iyengar. Practices are designed to build both strength and flexibility – neither one at the expense of the other. By opening targeted areas of the body Kate strives to create ‘space’ and freedom within the body. Ultimately, she does yoga for normal people.

The Chai Wallah’s Interview:

What is your favourite type of class to teach? My first love is a Vinyasa flow – varied in speed and intensity according to my mood.

What is your favourite pose? Triangle going into Half Moon. There is such an intense stretch and opening of both the body and mind.

What is your least favourite pose and why? Ugghhh….Ustrasana – nasty camel pose…rather like riding a real camel I can’t seem to find any comfort!

What keeps bringing you back to your yoga mat? The sense of peace and well being that comes from any kind of yoga practice is unbeatable in my book. It keeps me coming back time and time again. Undoubtedly I also find my health suffers immediately if I slack off my practice.

What is the strangest place you have done a yoga practice/pose? Eermmm…is this question necessary? Ummm….well….

What always makes you laugh? Most things to be honest and I think that is one of the best ways to face life, relationships and yoga. To paraphrase someone far more erudite; there is no evidence that life should be taken seriously.

What is one of your personal quirks/habits/idiosyncrasies? I have a sense of humour failure if I don’t have a dry bath towel when I get out the shower!

What is one thing about you that most people don’t know (until now)? I love hard rock music and have a rather alarming penchant for hardware stores.

Kate completed a 500-hour certification at COMO Shambhala (Singapore) which is RYS regulated (Yoga Alliance). She has studied under various yoga instructors including Vivienne Spanopoulos, Don Peers, Jason Birch and Christine Toong. Kate has and continues to attend yoga seminars and workshops including those taught by Glenn Ceresoli, Judy Krupps, Rodney Yee, Sarah Powers and Patrick Creelman.

She is married to Tom, KPY’s resident Chai Wallah.

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“be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
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