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KPY team shotKate Porter, having begun yoga with significant physical restrictions, has a great empathy for those new to yoga or who have physical constraints. She teaches a fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Iyengar. In 2000 Kate became ill and was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She was virtually bed-ridden for the better part of four years and was unable to continue working in the finance industry. After moving to Singapore in 2005, Kate turned to yoga. Yoga was instrumental in helping Kate regain and maintain her health. Read more about Kate here and even more in her interview with In the Loop.

Germin, vibrant and cheerful, brings her personality into her delivery of her classes to engage and motivate her students. If you are looking for a fun-filled, sweaty workout, Germin will not disappoint! Germin’s journey with yoga began in 2004, when the liberating and balancing benefits of the practice gave her a sense that this was to be her direction in life. Read more about Germin here.

Donna believes that the daily practice of yoga is the key to serenity and equanimity, and that it is for everybody and every body. Donna’s classes are like a breath of fresh air; vibrant, refreshing and invigorating! She began her practice in 2002 in Boston with Baron Baptiste while working 60-hour weeks in the legal profession. In 2004, a fateful move to Hong Kong and a break from her stressful career turned out to be the impetus for taking her yoga to a whole new level. Read more about Donna here.

Karen, with a background in classical ballet, brings to her classes a remarkable understanding of body movement and alignment. Karen has practiced yoga for over 10 years and it has played a fundamental role in healing her body from years of professional dance. She completed her teacher training at Yoga Space under the training of Don Peers and studied under a number of international teachers including Paul Grilley. Join Karen for classes which will transform how you view pose alignment, posture and muscle engagement. Read more about Karen here.

Angela, a yoga and Pilates teacher, has spent 10 years exploring and understanding body movement. Her depth of understanding and attention to detail makes her classes rewarding for all students. She has been practising yoga for more than 10 years and in that time has been actively studying yoga history, philosophy and the therapeutic effects of yoga.  In 2007 Angela discovered a passion for Pilates and undertook a number of Pilates trainings including mat and reformer Pilates. To find out more about Angela please click here.

Li Ling first saw yoga as another form of physical exercise to complement her netball training. Li Ling is trained in Ashtanga Yoga, studied with Bryce Yoga and attended workshops by numerous renowned teachers. Her classes focus on synchronising movement with breath, on achieving the right alignment, and on letting the energy flow. To find out more about her, please click here.

Lisa, a vibrant and dynamic lady, has over two decades of yoga practice. Her own practice is testament to her love and passion for yoga and she has trained under a variety of teachers all round the world.  Lisa teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and has a deep interest in anatomy and myofascial trigger points. Join Lisa for a great workout and discover what keeps on bringing her back to her mat!  To find out more about Lisa, please click here.

Paulina B&WPaulina became interested in yoga when she saw Madonna’s arms on TV in 1999! Having been a gym rat all her life, she wanted the level of fitness that Madonna was reportedly getting from yoga. Over time her practice evolved and she enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training in 2006. A few years later she underwent the 500-hour course in Singapore. Paulina has used yoga in its many forms to aid healing and health. She has a deep understanding of how yoga can rehabilitate and strengthen the body. To find out more about Paulina, please click here.

Ling Feng b&wLing Feng decided to try out Pilates after hearing friends talk about how good it is for the back. Right from the first session, he realised that it is not only an exercise regime, but the beginning of a journey into understanding the human body and how to work and use it more efficiently. He then enrolled into the Ron Fletcher Program of Studies, learning the basics from breathing to standing. Moving and working the body so that the body is stretched and toned, leading to more flexibility and better posture. To read more about him, please click here.

ElaineElaine went to India for yoga therapy training at two famous Yoga and Naturopathy Therapy Centers. She was excited by yoga’s curative effect and wants to share her knowledge of self-care and joyful living. Elaine encourages students to be observant and truthful to their own body and mind. She puts great emphasis on the idea that that yoga practices should be done at an enjoyable level and reminds the students to give their bodies space to adjust over time. Join Elaine on the mat to experience relaxation and rejuvenation. Read more about Elaine here.

Pek YewPek Yew teaches both yoga and Pilates. She completed a 200-hour certification with True Yoga (Singapore) and has studied under various yoga teachers including Vivienne Spanopoulos, Jason Birch, Stephen Thomas and Kino MacGregor. She also holds certification in Ashtanga yoga with Chuck Miller and Yin yoga. Today, Pek Yew continues her pursuit into the understanding of body movements, known as “body contrology” and spinal mechanics in the field of Fletcher Pilates. Read more about her here.

Marian Ang (b&w)Marian spent the last 14 years in the hospitality industry before leaving the corporate world to embark on her 200-hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training to share her yoga journey with others. She is also certified with the Radiant Child Yoga Program and is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and experience through self-study, workshops and trainings in other disciplines of yoga. Join Marian for an experience where you can find stillness amidst movement. Read more about Marian here.


An avid endurance athlete who has completed multiple triathlons, marathons and trail running races, Chris has been sharing his passion for fitness in the last 8 years. From fitness boot camps, personal training, Pilates (Mat), Spinning, TRX suspension training and kettlebells, he’s just passionate about imparting his knowledge on fitness and health to everyone. Read more about him here.


Rowena B&WRowena’s life has been transformed by the practice of yoga. Certified to teach yoga in 2010, she has never looked back since. Rowena’s classes are energetic, fun and safe. She sees each class as an opportunity for her to share the beautiful benefits of yoga, regardless of age, gender and size. With a special interest in yoga therapy and healing, Rowena sees herself as a facilitator in class. Tapping into the science of yoga, her classes emphasise on awareness and physical alignment that will help to improve overall health. To read more about Rowena please click here.

Ashley_Davis1-150x143After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of North Florida, Ashley intended to continue her studies and pursue a PhD in the field. Her path however led her to yoga! Ashley has a love of Vinyasa and teaches with a blend of knowledge and experience in a clear, dynamic and generous manner. She practises and teaches with an open heart and open mind which brings her, and allows her to share that joy with others. To find out more about Ashley, please click here.

MingliMingli discovered yoga in 2007 when she took her first Bikram yoga class out of curiosity. What started out as a pastime became her main fitness pursuit and passion.  In 2009, Mingli completed a 200 hour Hot & Hatha teacher’s training programme and has since gone on to study a variety of yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. The love for yoga has since deepened with her interest in concocting green juices and superfoods smoothies! Mingli enjoys scuba diving in her leisure time and likens breathing through the regulator to a form of pranayama breathing practice, quietening the mind and moving with awareness. Read more about Mingli here.

Ni ZhenNizhen has a 500-hour certification registered under Yoga Alliance, although training and mentorship with Yogi Nomad in the mountains of Nepal took 1,250 hours and was assessed by higher criterion under YTAA (Yoga Teacher Association of Australia). A still-evolving teacher, she has been a committed student for 10 years and has an intuitive understanding of yoga. Through her teaching, she hopes to allow people to cultivate an awareness that allows them to move past their perceived limits, to open the mind and body for transformation, and integrate into daily living. To read more about her, please click here.

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