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As teachers new to the industry, you are probably struggling with finding a studio to conduct your classes at an affordable rate. At KPY, we understand what it means to be starting out a new career, trying out a new adventure in life, and we are very supportive of such endeavours.

We offer our studio rooms during off-peak hours for rental and are very open to discussing how we can support you. Drop us an email at to discuss further. Below are the spaces we offer.

Bendy Room (19 mats)

Rental rate: $60 per hour

Mats without props 3 Mats with props 4

Calm Room (13 mats)

Rental rate: $35 per hour

Calm Room Calm Room 1

Props available: Manduka mats, blankets, blocks, straps, chairs, tennis balls

Please check out our online schedule to find out our off-peak hours when there are no classes and the timings are generally available for rental.