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Last class of 2016

The fun these yogis had at the last class of 2016

Kate Porter Yoga is a different sort of yoga experience. We do yoga for normal people. What does that mean?

KPY Logo coming to KPY is never competitive, it is never fanatical and it certainly involves zero pressure

KPY Logo we welcome people of all shapes, sizes, ages, levels of fitness and experience (or not as the case may be…)

KPY Logo the studio is also our art gallery and book exchange – immerse yourself in colour and literature

KPY Logo we are passionate – about people, yoga and tea! We have specially created a number of iced-tea recipes to refresh you after each class

KPY Logo we don’t like air-con so our studio has open windows and fans, backed up with chilled, seasonally-scented refresher towels when the class is over

Don’t take our word for it, come along and experience KPY for yourself today.