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Intrigued by all things positive the practice of Yoga promises to bring, Lisa Low stepped into her first Yoga class looking for ‘the inner peace and calmness’ so claimed in the countless magazines, books and internet articles she has read. Unlike the ‘revelation’ sworn by others, her first Yoga class did not – nor did the next, change her life. Undeterred, she returned to the mat week after week, truly enjoying the physical aspect (read: sweat) Yoga brought. It wasn’t until years later when she started to realise how her regular practice have changed her thoughts, habits, physical body and dietary aspect, and with the change, how her Yoga practice evolved.

Lisa has been practicing Yoga for over 18 years and have participated in workshops taught by internationally acclaimed Yoga teachers including Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, John Friend, Patrick Creelman, Duncan Wong, Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrei Ram-Om. Her Yoga practice have taken her to yoga shalas in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, India, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. Lisa teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Power Yoga.

Besides a Yoga teacher accreditation, the self-confessed wanderlust is also an ‘addict’ to TRX suspension training, outdoor running & indoor cycling, and is gearing towards obtaining a teaching certification in Spinning. Lisa is also certified in Usui Reiki energy therapy.

The Chai Wallah’s Interview:

 What is your favourite type of class to teach? Without a doubt, yoga core class. The core holds the secret key to countless of asanas from the most basic, to the most complex and advance. It’s the core that takes you ‘places’ in the yoga practice.

 What is your favourite pose? There are just too many to list but I have to say any form of inversion. I love it when you get to see the world from a different perspective, don’t you think?

 What is your least favourite pose and why? Full Rajakapotasana or king pigeon pose – (the one with bent knees, both feet to forehead while in Bhujangasana (cobra)). The toe nails are just not long enough, no matter how long i grow them out! LOL.

 What keeps bringing you back to your yoga mat? It’s a very expensive mat and I really should maximise the use?!  OK seriously, it’s the ‘high’ after a class together with the calm, the peace, and knowing the fact that I’ve given my all and worked hard during my ‘me time’, even if it’s a yin class. That, and all my teachers – past, present & future, whom have inspired me in so many ways, other yogis, and the countless beautiful covers of Yoga Journal magazine :)

What is the strangest place you have done a yoga practice/pose? It was in Shanghai, in the middle of nowhere, on a corner of a small street intersection, in the dead of winter (and I’m not a fan of cold weather!), right outside a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with accumulated black grease on the exhaust. You could not describe nor imagine the sight. But we were there, the photographer & I, because the wall color was a perfect match with the yoga outfit I had on, which the photographer swore will make a killer shot. The result? He was right, it was a nice shot – and it nearly killed me because it was so cold. (BYW, the poster was sold for a decent sum of money and 100% of its proceed benefited a children mental hospital).

What always makes you laugh? Ellen DeGeneres, the funny antics of my pets, and Ellen DeGeneres.

What is one of your personal quirks/habits/idiosyncrasies? I swear by hot water with lemon, and drink it anywhere and everywhere, even while sitting under a scorching Summer sun.

 What is one thing about you that most people don’t know (until now)? I’ll give you two. 1) that I have a hedgehog for pet, 2) that I’m a mother to a 21 & 20 year olds.


“nothing can bring you peace but yourself”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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