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Li Ling  started her yoga journey more than a decade ago. Having been a very active netball player in school and outside of work then, she saw yoga as another form of physical exercise to complement her existing training schedule.

Slowly but surely, yoga started making its way to her heart and mind, driving her to better understand the age-old practice. The passion and enthusiasm for yoga is so strong that Li Ling decided to move away from the communications profession to share her knowledge and practice  with other people.

Her classes focus on sychronising each movement with each breath, on achieving the right alignment, and on letting the energy flow. Li Ling is trained in the Ashtanga primary series and the Fit, Flow, Fly routine by Bryce Yoga. She is also grateful for techniques and knowledge imparted by many other teachers such as Simon Park, Jason Birch and Vivienne Spanopoulos.

The Chai Wallah’s Interview:

What is your favourite type of class to teach? I love a vinyasa flow class anytime! Just allowing your breath to lead each movement is a liberating experience.

What is your favourite pose? It’ll be a close fight between headstand and half moon pose. One gives you a feeling of freedom, of fear overcome, and that anything is possible; and the latter opens up every inch of your body — shoulders, hips, chest, and even the little spaces between your toes!

What is your least favourite pose and why? Splits of any form! My hamstrings just refuse to surrender. My mind tries to have a conversation with my legs every time and my legs always win.

What keeps bringing you back to your yoga mat? It’s the feeling after a practice. My teachers tell me you reap what you sow and it’s true. The amount of effort and heart you put into your practice will translate into your positivity level and the energy that bounces off the mat at the end of the practice. Although negotiation between my mind and body happens all the time during practice, I tell myself there is a rainbow waiting for me at the end of the day.

What is the strangest place you have done a yoga practice/pose? Hmm… would pranayama in the toilet count?

What always makes you laugh? My toy poodle Coco. She is passing 7 years old and never fails to help me break into a smile when the day is not going smoothly.

What is one of your personal quirks/habits/idiosyncrasies? I think I am the ultimate OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) person. If I see that your mat is not aligned to the front of the room, I probably will come by to adjust it!

What is one thing about you that most people don’t know (until now)? The first time I did yoga, I was so gungho and tried to do everything. But I suffered when I reached home. I couldn’t even raise my hands to give my hair a good shampoo. Haha! Not a good feeling at all. I am more sensible now and learn how to treat my body better.

For a class that will inspire, energise and centre you, join Li Ling!

“nothing can bring you peace but yourself”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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