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For centuries yoga practitioners have waxed lyrical over the numerous health benefits of yoga and it’s associated practices. Studies are constantly being undertaken to verify these assertions and modern medicine is coming round to recognising it’s amazing benefits, both for general fitness, as well as for dealing with specific illnesses or physical disabilities. A small selection of studies is listed in the Further Reading page should you wish to learn more.

Having had health problems for most of her life, Kate credits yoga for the dramatic improvement in her quality of life and the reduction and control of her pain. However, it is essential to understand that yoga in itself is in no way a substitute for consulting a doctor or taking prescribed medications when one is ill. Kate practices yoga daily, but she also takes the medications she needs!

In addition to being realistic about the extent to which yoga can help you, it must also be noted that it is essential to follow the guidance of an experienced yoga practitioner as well as to constantly listen to your body and common sense to avoid injury.

Yoga is an healing art and should be used to aid and compliment any treatments you are undertaking. Undoubtedly, its benefits to overall health, as well as reducing muscular and skeletal pain, are remarkable. Its development of your physical strength, balance and flexibility will astound you!