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Meditation is included in most of our yoga classes, but from time to time we run courses specifically on this fascinating skill.

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At KPY we primarily focus on mindfulness meditation. This is an exercise of pure observation endeavoring to see things as they truly are, uncolored by previous experience, preconceptions or conditioning.

Experience an inward revolution, find out what is beneath the surface…know and be yourself at KPY.

Nothing at KPY involves religion or spiritualism and you do not need to change your religious beliefs to practice yoga.

Yoga and meditation do not make the bad things in your life go away, nor do they prevent trying times, however through the discipline of your body, breath and mind, one attains control over one’s self and one’s reactions.

It is rather like being on a ship at sea; you cannot change whether the sea is calm or rough, but you can change how you react to and deal with the reality.


“all you need is to keep quietly alert, enquiring into the real nature of yourself. This is the only way to peace”
sri nisargadatia maharaj
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