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Class Definitions:

  • AB&T Flow is a multi-level class targeted at Abs, Bums and Thighs! It comprises a Vinyasa yoga class which helps build your core muscles – sign up for some honing and toning! Suitable for those with some yoga experience and wanting a work-out.
  • Advanced Beginner classes are for experienced beginners wanting more of a challenging class (some yoga experience is assumed). These classes give more of a strength and cardio workout. Suitable for those with yoga experience.
  • All Levels is a class suitable for everyone – from beginners through to advanced beginners. The teacher will offer a variety of options of poses, for example: “Beginners stay in Warrior I, advanced beginners move to Warrior III”.  Each student can judge how strong or how soft a practice they want to do.
  • Beginner classes are for complete novices or those seeking a lighter workout, you can join these classes regardless of your level of experience. More time is spent on how poses are done and on how to activate the body. Suitable for everyone.
  • Beginner 101 is aimed at those who are recently exposed to yoga, who wish to ease into their practice, and who are interested to understand more about alignment in basic foundational postures.
  • Bootcamp Yoga is a high energy workout that is suitable for all levels and capabilities. Work on strength, coordination and flexibility and see fat loss as a result of this circuit training format. Bootcamp Yoga will consist of cardio and bodyweight circuits focusing on fat loss and core strength followed by a yoga cool down stretching session targeted to increasing flexibility.
  • Express Class Pressed for time? Join this 60-minute session which will have you worked out and stretched out in 1 hour! These classes are aimed at all-levels and will be tailored to the needs of whoever is attending. Suitable for everyone.
  • Master class is a 2-hour long class that will lead you to discover challenging poses. Extensive warm up and detailed instructions will be provided to guide you into advanced asanas. Happens on a Sunday every month. Two class stamps are required to attend this class.
  • Pilates is an outstanding form of exercise which works on toning your key muscle groups. Excellent for building a strong, toned body but also essential for those looking to ensure a healthy, strong back and abs. Suitable for everyone except pregnant women and post-natal pre-12 weeks after C-section.
  • Prenatal yoga – KPY does not have a pre-natal specific class but all expectant mums are recommended to join class such as Restorative, Tranquilizer and even Yin/Yang if you are a regular yogi. Please arrive early for your class and speak to the teacher before the start of the class.
  • Restorative classes are more energetic than Yin but more energising rather than exhausting. They will focus on poses which invigorate your immune system, stretch out the aches and pains of the week and increase circulation throughout your body. Suitable for everyone.
  • Spotlight Classes are special classes but with specific focus on one aspect of yoga (or other interesting topics) with greater student / teacher interaction.
  • Tranquillizer If you are suffering from stress, tight and tired muscles, this is the class to take refuge in. A major part of the class is dedicated to deep stretches which open the body and work the internal organs, suitable for all levels and excellent for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility. Practice then ends off with a guided, deep relaxation (yoga nidra), which treats your body and mind to a fabulous rejuvenation. Suitable for everyone.
  • Vinyasa means ‘flow’ in Sanskrit. Vinyasa classes are known for their fluidity and movements. You will flow from pose to pose and if you dislike routine, Vinyasa may be the class for you. Suitable for people with basic knowledge of poses and be prepared to keep moving.
  • Wall Yoga is a practice which uses the wall as a feedback to give sound alignment as you enter into poses. The wall helps creates resistance so as to work the muscles effectively while holding the pose. Be surprised by the teacher as she guides you through both yang and yin poses using the wall.
  • Workshops are for anyone wanting to learn why and not just how. Two hours long, these classes take an in-depth look at various aspects of yoga (or other interesting topics).
  • Yin yoga – see Tranquillizer.
  • Yin/Yang Get the best of both worlds: yin and yang (flexibility and strength) at our Yin/Yang classes. Usually structured with a workout for the first half of the class followed by a yin practice for the second half, these classes tone you up and then stretch you out.
  • Yoga for Inflexible People (IP) is a 60-min class for anyone who struggles with inflexibility. This class of active stretching will improve your flexibility and range of motion. Suitable for everyone, especially good for athletes to balance their training.
  • Yoga Perk-Up is a fun-filled class which works on toning your body – especially those abs, butt and  thighs! Suitable for those with some yoga experience.
“yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object and to sustain that direction without any distractions”
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