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 This Weekly Class Timetable should be looked at in conjunction with the Monthly Schedule that details which teacher is taking what class. It is also includes dates and times of special events such as Workshops, Spotlight Classes, outdoor classes and more. Class definitions are here.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
08.30    Soft & Gentle
 Yoga Express
   (60mins) (60 mins)
09.00 Yoga Perk-Up!  Beginners
 (90mins)  (90 mins)
09.30 Yoga Perk-Up!/Restorative All Levels/Yoga Pilates Beginner/ AB&T Flow Adv. Begin / Tranquilizer Soft&Gentle / Pilates
(90 mins/75 mins) (90 mins/75mins) (90 mins/60 mins) (90/75 mins) (90/60 mins)
10.00   Adv. Begin(90 mins) Adv. Begin(90 mins)

11.00 Beginner  Pilates (11.15am)
(90 mins) (60 mins)
 Yoga for IP (60 mins)
16.30   Yin/Yang


(75 mins)


(90 mins)

18.00  Tranquilizer  (75 mins)
18.30 Pilates (60 mins)  Yoga Express(60 mins)
19.30 Adv. Begin (90 mins) Beginner(90 mins) Adv. Begin (90 mins) Beginner (90 mins)


Pilates (60 mins)
20.00 Yin/Yang
Restorative  Adv. Begin 
(75 mins)  (75 mins) (75 mins)

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Please Note:

  • booking is essential for all classes
  • please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class, door opens 15 minutes before each class
  • the schedule may change, so do check this website for updates
  • we reserve the right to charge for late cancellations
  • not arriving for a class you have booked will always be charged
“yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object and to sustain that direction without any distractions”