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Workshops are special two-hour learning sessions which are usually on a Saturday afternoon. These interactive extended sessions allow students to learn more than ‘how’ but also ‘why’ we do certain things in yoga. Even better, they include a glass of granny’s homemade lemonade specially brewed for the session.

Please note there is a 7-day cancellation policy for workshops. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is made.

Click here for Yin Yoga Workshop with Victor Chng in May 2019.

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Class Title: Achieving optimal functionality
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Date: 27 April 2019 (Saturday)
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Time: 15.00 – 17.00
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Venue: Laguna Park Studio
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Cost: $40 per person

Workshop fees include a myofascial release ball worth $13! Limited to the first 10 who sign up.

Pls email or call 97813403 to book your spot.

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What it’s about:

What is holding you back from moving freely and achieving functional freedom in life? Do you experience headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain from time to time without knowing why? Are you currently experiencing repetitive strain injuries such as tennis or golfers elbow, Achillies tendonitis or plantar faciitis and not sure how to manage it? Or are you a victim of Sciatica, muscular tightness or poor postural-related discomfort?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, treatment methods such as Myofascial Release and Dry Needling may be useful for you. In this workshop, Li Ling will explore myofascial release for back issues such as lower back tightness and Sciatica while Iqra, Osteopath and an expert in Dry Needling will share with you the mechanics of the treatment method, how it differs from Chinese Acupuncture and how Dry Needling can be used to treat various symptoms. You will learn:

  1. What is Dry needling: An understanding on the theory and mechanics.
  2. How Dry needling differs from traditional acupuncture.
  3. An understanding on some of the most common conditions it can be used for.
  4. Repetitive and Postural strain: How it occurs and how to prevent re-occurrence.

Suitable for everyone, especially if you are recovering from an injury or experiencing constant discomfort in a particular area in your body.

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Iqra Kazee

Li Ling

British-born Iqra Kazee graduated with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy in 2013. Her post graduate studies include a medical dry needling qualification, which allows her to add this modality into her treatment plans when needed. She has also completed a Kinesiology taping course, which she uses both in clinical practice and during sporting events.

Iqra’s osteopathic career has consisted of working in numerous multi-disciplinary clinics ranging from purely private patients to the National Health Service (NHS) UK. She has treated various conditions in all walks of life ranging from pre-post natal women, sporting injuries and athletes.Her keen interest in sports and sport therapy lead her to complete the first osteopathic sports care association (OSCA) internship.

Iqra’s central belief is that recovery and long‐term care begins by identifying and treating the root cause of the patient’s conditions, both specifically and holistically rather than just the symptoms. Promoting recovery and preventing injury is a key reason why she will commonly incorporate exercises and lifestyle changes. She now resides in Singapore and works at The Osteopathic Centre.

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