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Workshops are special two-hour learning sessions which are usually on a Saturday afternoon. These interactive extended sessions allow students to learn more than ‘how’ but also ‘why’ we do certain things in yoga. Even better, they include a glass of granny’s homemade lemonade specially brewed for the session.

Please note there is a 7-day cancellation policy for workshops. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is made.

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Breath, Heart, Life
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Date: 15 May 2016
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Time: 16.00 – 18.00
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Venue: Laguna Park Studio
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FREE but donations will be appreciated.

All proceeds from this charity workshop will go towards CCELAThe Care for Children and Elderly Living Association (CCELA) is a licensed non-political, non-profit and non-governmental organisation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. See more below. **

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What you will learn:

A breathing mechanism that functions well is extremely beneficial to our general health and the function of our spine. In this workshop, Paul will look at the close relationship between how we breathe and the mobility, postural position and health of the spine and explore ways in which we can improve the function of this relationship. He will also examine some of the common issues that affect the spine, such as scoliosis, disc injury and poor postural positioning.

Following the talk, Angela will lead you in a heart-opening yoga practice which connects your heart, with breath, thoughts and movement. We will explore how constant breath has a great impact on and greatly benefits our daily life.

Suitable for all.

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About the instructors: Paul has a wealth of knowledge having spent several years as a sports therapist in professional football, gaining the FA Diploma in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation. He then went on to become a lecturer of injury treatment and rehabilitation in London. In addition, Paul gained a certificate in Osteopathic Competency from the College of Osteopaths, London, and a Diploma in Manipulative Therapy from The Oxford School of Osteopathy.

Since completing his BSc Honours in Osteopathy, at Oxford Brooks University, Paul has opened practices in both the UK and Singapore and is the founder of The Osteopathic Centre. He has been working in Singapore since 2004 and is a registered Osteopath in the UK and Australia. Paul is also a qualified personal trainer, skydiving instructor and keen ultra marathon runner.

Angela has been practising yoga for 10 years and in that time has been actively studying yoga history, philosophy and the therapeutic effects of yoga.  In 2007 Angela discovered a passion for Pilates and undertook a number of Pilates trainings including mat and reformer Pilates. More on Angela’s profile here.

** Care for Children and Elderly Living Association (CCELA) is a licensed non-political, non-profit and non-governmental organization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

CCELA currently has 16 children at the orphanage where they provide care, love and affection. The situation they are in is difficult and most often they deal with severe psychological problems. Additionally they care for 36 children and 20 elderly above the age 65 with no social security in their outreach program.

Those children are living with one parent, or extended relatives, with low income or in poverty. This hinders them from getting the basic needs and an education. CCELA provides these families a monthly stipend (USD22) so that they are able to feed the children and send them to school. This care also provides school materials, uniforms, clothes and provide home visits once every three months. For the elderly CCELA provides financial aid to support them with medical provision and food.

These activities had been partly possible due to the committed effort of organisations that have supported the values and working methods of CCELA. Unfortunately their committed partners have stop funding the programs in January 2016 and they are running out of resources to keep those programs in place.

Angela visited CCELA in March and was so impressed by the commitment of the founder and her staff and started an online fundraising to raise money for the next 6 months so CCELA is able to continue to support the children and elderly while they find a long-term solution.