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Pre Natal 2

We welcome expectant mums at KPY. You and your baby’s safety and health are our main concerns.

Anna Teh portraitDue to the specific needs of mother and baby, our Prenatal Yoga class is designed to help you strengthen and stretch out areas which will aid in the birthing process. Classes will be led by Anna Teh, one of the leading Pre- and Post-Natal specialist in Singapore. Entry to a Prenatal Yoga class requires a specific Prenatal Yoga class package and you should be in your second trimester.

If you have a regular yoga practice, you are welcome to join in our other yoga classes from your second trimester on. However, you will need to modify your practice. Please get in touch with us and we will send you a list of modified poses. If you are joining another class other than Prenatal Yoga, please be sure to ALWAYS inform your teacher that you are pregnant and check with your doctor that he is happy for you to exercise. Our Pilates classes are not suitable for pregnant women.

For existing students who would like to attend the Prenatal Yoga classes instead of the regular yoga classes, you just need to top up each class with $10, regardless of whether you are holding a Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum package.