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Kate Porter Yoga, a boutique yoga studio based on the East Coast of Singapore, offers yoga and Pilates classes, as well as fun holidays, retreats, workshops and more in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We believe in conducting Yoga for Normal People, where you can come to get healthier, to feel good about yourself, regardless of your fitness level, flexibility, size, age or shape. Come join us to experience the KPY difference.

Read about these ‘normal’ people who have given yoga and Pilates a go and they may just inspire you to try it.


Special events and news at KPY this month
Explore Arm Balances with Vivienne S on 12th of September.
What is the best way to lift your head during a sit up? Find out about this and others at the Efficient Movement workshop on 29th August. More info here.
Teachers awayDonna (until 31 July); Paulina (until 2 August); Karen (until 17 August); Li Ling (12-17 August)
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If you are a first timer at KPY and would
like to try out a class, please email us at or text, Whatsapp or call us at 9781 3403.

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